Funding for Skye Rugby Club

Funding for Skye Rugby Club.

13th November 2023

Skye Rugby Club are the latest beneficiary of the Bho Mhuir Gu Tìr

community fund, in partnership with organic feed suppliers Cargill.


The recently formed club continue to grow, with a wide range of ages now benefitting from regular training sessions and matches both home and away. The senior men’s team are currently playing in the Caledonia North Region League Division 2.


The funding award of £1740.00 will provide essential financial support for the team as they progress through the league and it will also help the club to accommodate away teams during home matches.

Kelly Bow, Skye Rugby Club founder and president, said:

“Thanks to OSH’s generosity, we’re able to keep the rugby in the area and let the team play in front of their community, which is so important to everyone, both on a personal level for the players and in terms of club development. We now have nearly 150 members and this funding helps every single one of them. Thank you so much OSH.”


Commenting further on the funding award, Andy Jaques, senior men’s captain, said:

“Without the support of local businesses like OSH this club couldn’t exist. Your actions enables us to promote Skye Rugby throughout the island, allowing everyone to be part of the team, club and rugby community.”


Jake Sayles, senior men’s  winger, added:

“From me as a beginner this club is giving me so much health wise, physically and mentally. Your support will help us so much in building the club for the benefit of all Ages, To really build a rugby community here on skye. Huge thanks to OSH!”