Flodigarry and Balmaqueen

 Organic Sea Harvest New Site Applications – Flodigarry and Balmaqueen

As an island nation, Skye and Scotland has a long history of farming and fishing. Organic Sea Harvest is passionate about farming the finest quality salmon in the wild waters off the North-East of Skye. We care about the health and welfare of the fish we farm, the health and wellbeing of the people we employ and in helping our local communities to thrive. Our plan has always been to invest in and develop four salmon farms, run from our farming operations centre in Staffin. Our planning application to develop new farms near Flodigarry and Balmaqueen will help us ensure that our fish, our people and our business can survive and thrive.


We have been working with Scottish Government, regulators, Highland Council and all other relevant stakeholders to ensure we meet, and exceed, all regulatory requirements when applying to develop these two new sites. Specific technical details of our planning applications are available through the Highland Council Planning Portal. However, we want to go beyond our planning requirements and have developed a number of extra pieces of information to help the communities surrounding our farms understand the application.


A fully immersive, interactive model of our two proposed sites at Flodigarry and Balmaqueen.

Developed with the support of our partners at RealSim, this interactive model is an accurate, scale reproduction of the North-East of Skye surrounding our two proposed new sites.  Using this model, you are welcome to move around the landscape to get an accurate representation of the visual impact of our proposed farms, what they will look like and how they will visually interact with the landscape in which we all love to live and work.

Please be patient while the model loads. The simulation uses data from many sources to create an accurate virtual simulation of our corner of Skye.  Due to the amount of data, it may take a minute or two before you can interact and enjoy.

‘A picture paints a thousand words’… a video of the seabed under our farms at Invertote and Culnacnoc showing the flora and fauna living on and around our farms.


This video contains footage filmed by underwater ROV as part of the regular monitoring of the flora and fauna living on, under and around our farms.  We are pleased to confirm that flora and fauna is flourishing under and on our organic salmon farm.

How Organic Sea Harvest is delivering social and economic benefits to North-East Skye.

Organic Sea Harvest hopes that we are demonstrating our commitment to the people of North-East Skye and delivering real, tangible social and economic benefits. This report outlines what we’ve done since we arrived, the careers we're creating, the businesses we’ve supported and the direct support we are giving to the local community.

Improving our farm design.

Organic Sea Harvest has listened to community feedback and made changes to our farm development proposals at Balmaqueen and Flodigarry.  Amongst others, this document summarises what we’ve done to reduce concerns about visual impacts and how we’ve been able to demonstrate we’re not impacting negatively on local wildlife.