Organic Status

What makes us organic?

Organic Sea Harvest is the only salmon farmer in Scotland to focus solely on producing the finest organic salmon, with both sea sites officially certified as organic by the UK Soil Association.

Organic Sea Harvest operate to some of the strictest farming standards and regulations in the world.

These are laid out by our certification bodies, a number of which allows us to market our product as organic.

Furthermore, we aim to go above and beyond these statutory requirements through technical discussions on how the standards can be improved between generations (i.e each salmon "cycle") - providing information on best practice with an overall aim of maximizing the quality of life for our fish at all times.

Alongside UK standards, Organic Sea Harvest have also been awarded Canadian Organic Regulations (COR) and Bio Suisse (Switzerland) certifications.

All parts of the organic value chain are audited by third party, independent auditors.

This covers the brood-stock, hatchery, sea sites, processing factory, fish feed factory, and even the sales department. Additional checks are made by statutory regulatory bodies of UK salmonid aquaculture (e.g. SEPA, Marine Scotland, Fish Health Inspectorate) prior to, during, and after production of our livestock.

According to the UK Soil Association Aquaculture standard, organic production must be based on the following specific principles:

Observance of a high level of animal welfare;

Production of products of organic livestock from animals that have been raised on organic holdings since birth or hatching and throughout their life;

Observance of continuing health of the aquatic environment and quality of the surrounding ecosystem;

Feed from sustainable exploitation.