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         Organic Sea Harvest originated from a long held desire by Alex MacInnes to return to his fish farming roots, along with a strongly held belief that it is possible to deliver a world-class product from a small scale independent fish farming operation... a vision shared by his colleagues & founding shareholders Robert Gray, Alister Mackinnon & Villa UK Ltd.


       Progress is underway to build and put in place the company's first two sites at Invertote and Culnacnoc on the Isle of Skye.

Planning permission for these two sites was granted in April 2018. Organic Sea Harvest plan to establish two more sites further north at Flodigarry and Balmacqueen, with planning permission currently at the application stage. The community pier in Staffin will be used as the shore base to service the sites.

The company is fully dedicated to growing organic salmon off the north east coast of Skye.  To make them organic, each farm will have a maximum consent of 2,500 tons, with the fish grown to the Soil Association organic standards. Each farm will also have a dedicated fish vet to maintain the highest health standards. Although we are not yet producing we are currently going through a process  of organic  certification. This can only be completed once the  fish have been put to sea & we are operating to our  production protocols.

It is intended to create a Fish Management Area solely for Organic Sea Harvest and the organic sites  supplying only certified produce. 

Organic Sea Harvest is the first independent farming start up for many decades uniquely going against the trend for consolidation in the Scottish aquaculture industry.

Organic Sea Harvest`s creation was undertaken with a genuine desire to

work with the local community

create employment and

help retain as much of the generated wealth as is commercially  practical  in the communities of Skye & Lochalsh

whilst also being conscious of and actively working to minimize any potential or perceived  environmental impacts.


Using pioneering technologies and methods to bring Organic Scottish Salmon to UK & Worldwide markets. Only the highest quality produce will do, fresh from

Scottish West Coast waters.


We are very proud of our close links with the Isle of Skye communities we are based in, bringing economic and employment benefits to these rural areas.

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