The Quiraing commute

The Quiraing Commute

Photo by Adam Rainsden - The Quiraing Commute

The first snow of the year has arrived in many places in Scotland today creating a snowy commute for some.

Here on the Isle of Skye, there is one particular commute that some of our team make that definitely stands out!

The Quiraing mountain pass rises to a height of 856ft above sea level with gradients of up to 14% and hairpin-like corners. The road is built onto the side of 'Meall na Suiramach' and acts as a shortcut between Brogaig near Staffin and Uig. 

The Quiraing was formed by ancient landslips and is recognised all over the world. Some areas of the land are still moving and many parts of the road require ongoing stabilisation repairs.

A new car park constructed at the top of the pass means that drivers and their passengers can stop and take in the views. And take a break from driving, if needed!

The Organic Sea Harvest team includes local people from Staffin itself, along with Portree and other Skye communities. Be it over the Quiraing or on the two-way from Portree, an Isle of Skye commute is always a special commute.

Quiraing 1
Quiraing 2