The OSH fleet

The OSH fleet

Photo by Robaidh Halliday - the Kilmartin

All the vessels in the Organic Sea Harvest fleet are named after rivers and townships in North East Skye. There are currently three vessels; Kilmartin, Lealt & Kilmaluag.

Kilmartin Cille Mhartainn

Believed to be named after St Martin of Tours, an ancient graveyard and church ruins can be found at Kilmartin though there is no settlement.

The name usually refers to the Kilmartin River which runs from the hills of the Trotternish ridge and reaches the sea at Staffin Bay.

The Kilmartin is the first vessl that OSH aquired to the fleet and was launched at Kishorn Port in March 2020.

Lealt An Leathallt

The first of two boats built by Arran Workboats specifically for Organic Sea Harvest was given the name Lealt.

An old crofting settlement, Lealt was also home to the Lealt Valley Diatomite Railway which followed the River Lealt. Between 1890 and 1915, around 2000 tons of diatomite was extracted from Loch Cuithir and Loch Valerain. It was transported to warehouses and kilns for drying out and grinding, before being loaded onto puffer ships at the nearby pier.

Kilmaluag Cill Moluaig

Our newest vessel, the Kilmaluag, was launched at Kishorn in December 2020.

A sister of the Lealt and built by Arran Workboats, she has been designed with slight modifications to the design of her sister.

Kilmaluag is the collective name for a number of smaller settlements situated in the most northern corner of the Trotternish peninsula.

The Kilmaluag river flows under a distinctive stone road bridge.

Video by Robaidh Halliday