OSH comment on Balmaqueen appeal desicion

14th October 2021

Organic Sea Harvest is very disappointed with the refusal of the Balmaqueen appeal decision. We strongly disagree with the overall conclusion of the report as it completely downplays the economic benefits of Scottish aquaculture in general and in particular the ripple effects that 9 full time jobs would have had on the Island of Skye. One has to keep in mind that each job in aquaculture supports 5 other jobs within the supply chain and that the Balmaqueen site would have led to both direct investments and indirect economic activity, including taxable income.

Organic Sea Harvest is fully committed to continuing the work to becoming the leading organic salmon producer in the word, supporting our employees and business partners Locally, Nationally and Globally which allows the business to become a proud contributor to local society. We are still looking into our options, including actions related to the refusal, to expand our production of organic salmon in line with the aspirations of the current national Scottish government manifesto commitments & policies. 


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