Organic Sea Harvest appoints Karen Kennedy with Management Accountancy partnership

Organic Sea Harvest appoints Karen Kennedy with

Management Accountancy partnership.

29th October 2020

Karen Kennedy, a Chartered Accountant based in Ardelve, Dornie, founded her new accountancy and bookkeeping business, KABS, in 2020.


Today, Organic Sea Harvest are delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new management accountancy service package with KABS, including day to day

book-keeping and production of company management accounts.

Speaking on behalf of Organic Sea Harvest, director Alex MacInnes said that the company are incredibly pleased to have this opportunity to work in partnership with Karen and her new start-up company KABS."

As part of our ethos when we set off on our journey several years ago, it was important to us all to be working with local businesses based in the Highlands & Islands.

What Karen will bring to Organic Sea Harvest as the business develops further against our growth plans is not only the full management accountancy services but the integration that will be required to support Organic Sea Harvest's modern, up to date biological reporting systems which are a key part of any aquaculture business structure wishing to trade whether it be local or global.

Focusing on providing modern solutions to accounting and bookkeeping, KABS specialises in providing businesses with robust digital financial systems, and promotes the use of cloud accounting.


I am delighted that KABS and Organic Sea Harvest are going to be working in partnership together said Karen.


It is a wonderful thing for two businesses based in the Highlands to be working together closely in what I am confident will be a successful, enjoyable and fruitful relationship for both companies.


At an exciting time of growth for the company, robust financial information will be key.  I welcome the opportunity and look forward to what the future holds for the KABS and Organic Sea Harvest partnership.



  1. Organic Sea Harvest is a Scottish Organic Salmon producer aiming to set the highest standard in organic salmon farming. The company was officially incorporated in August 2015 and currently have two sea sites; Culnacnoc and Invertote off the North East coast of the Isle of Skye.
  2. KABS (Kennedy Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services Ltd) is licensed and regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. More information on KABS can be found at
  3. Accompanying photo of Karen Kennedy by Penny Hardie.