Invertote feed barge

Site Manager Robaidh welcomes new barge to Invertote

It's finally here! After Covid-19 delayed construction, we are very excited to finally welcome our brand new feeding barge to our Invertote site this week. 

The 350T SeaMate barge is the second for OSH, the first being delivered to the Culnacnoc site last year. Gael Force Group have supplied all the infrastructure for both Invertote & Culnacnoc sites, including the two SeaMate barges from Inverness and SeaQure pens from their Kishorn build site. 

Robaidh Halliday, site manager of Invertote, says that he is "delighted with the finish of the barge."

"The arrival of the barge, from local company Gael Force Group, is another big investment for Organic Sea Harvest. We have been feeding by hand since our first stock arrived at Invertote and the team have done really well with this challenge. The barge is a huge assest to the site."

As part of the full barge package, it comes equipped with Gael Force Group's advanced SeaFeed technology systems including remote monitoring and fish feeding software.

Commenting on the stock at Invertote, Robaidh added:

"These are some of the best fish I have ever seen on a site, and the arrival of the barge will help ensure that our organic salmon are at their best leading into the harvest period."

barge caithness
barge passing
Green Isle barge
barge viewpoint