December 2019

Left to right:  Robert Gray (Director, Organic Sea Harvest) Alex MacInnes (Director, Organic Sea Harvest), Jamie Young (Sales Director, Gael Force Group), Alister Mackinnon (Director, Organic Sea Harvest).

Trusted aquaculture equipment supplier Gael Force Group has agreed an exclusive deal with Scotland’s newest salmon farmer, Organic Sea Harvest, to become their supply partner for two new site installations in 2020.

Gael Force will supply complete turnkey solutions for two exposed sites at Invertote and Culnacnoc, off the coast of Skye, with a full range of established marine equipment, technology and supporting services . The equipment and technology will include SeaMate 350t feed barges and SeaFeed feeding systems, SeaQurePen fish pens, SeaQureMoor moorings, and underwater technology.

The two Highland based companies have been closely collaborating over the course of three years, sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise to ascertain the best and most suitable equipment specification for the challenging site conditions.

Speaking after the two companies signed the deal worth in excess of £4M, Gael Force Group Sales Director Jamie Young commented, “We have taken the time to understand Organic Sea Harvest’s needs and challenges for many months now and as a result we have become very attuned to their objectives. This has given both parties the complete confidence that we can be a key supply partner in helping Organic Sea Harvest to achieve the best possible results on their new farms.”
He added, “Throughout our discussions with the team from Organic Sea Harvest it has also been very clear to us how much they value the importance of working with a local supply partner. For our employees and the local communities in which we are present across Scotland this is terrific news.”

Alex MacInnes, Director of Organic Sea Harvest commented “It means a huge amount to us that we have been able to source the highest quality of equipment and competence at competitive prices locally, and also, that we will be partnering with a Highlands and Islands based supplier who has shown the enthusiasm and motivation to grow with us and help us in our objective to support the local community of Staffin.”

Despite being Scotland’s newest salmon farmer, the founding shareholders at Organic Sea Harvest come with a wealth of experience and background in fish farming. The company was created out of a desire to work with the local community, create employment and help retain as much of the generated wealth as is commercially practical in the communities of Skye and Lochalsh, while actively working to minimise environmental impacts.

The two sites are due to be stocked in the Spring and Autumn of 2020.

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