Behind the Scenes - Inverkerry Hatchery

Behind the Scenes -

Inverkerry Hatchery

When our organic salmon arrive at the OSH sea sites for the first time, they are at the smolts stage of their life cycle. Before this, across the Inner Sound, they grow from egg to smolts at the Inverkerry Hatchery near Gairloch.

This week, our sites teams travelled to the hatchery to find out more about the growing stages (from egg to smolt) and how the hatchery operates.

Hendrix Genetics' Inverkerry Hatchery is the sole supplier of smolts for Organic Sea Harvest.

In 2019, Organic Sea Harvest signed a multimillion-pound investment and collaboration deal with Hendrix-Genetics to redevelop the hatchery to suit the organic-related requirements of OSH and offer the best possible environment to the fish in their first stages of life.

Find out more about the hatchery redevelopment here.